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Monday, June 8, 2009

inspired by design • domino magazine winner charms with color

yes, i know, domino magazine is no more. and yes, i know, it's tragic. but the beauty of photography is that the images remain long after those who took them.

while reading through my favorite new blog find, hidden in france, i stumbled across this spread of 2007 domino magazine design contest winner catherine golden and was overcome with delight by the fresh colors, whimsical pairings and airy, clean lines. it's gorgeous!

look at this scene. it makes me want to nap, have tea, read a fabulously wrenching henry james novel, stroll paris, eat cheese, breathe in fresh peonies, and otherwise relaaaax. so charming.

catherine hand-stenciled this bed frame. it's so delicately french, but so wholly american at the same time. it's well-thought yet unfussy. pale blue, lime green, hot pink and crisp white... ooh, i feel a new stationery design coming on. :o)


Andrea said...

These room are so lovely and fresh. The color schemes are gorgeous!

paper olive said...

i agree! this is my new favorite color combination. glad you like. :o)

Anonymous said...


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