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Monday, June 1, 2009

a perfect pear wedding

summer is just around the corner, and that means one thing: fall wedding season has begun.

our favorite motif for october/november weddings is "a perfect pear," a joyful play on words for the happy couple paired together in love. the design possibilities are equally full of joy rich yellow-golds and crisp greens pair easily with cocoa or silver grey, and the accents are endless.

our latest design collage features a look inspired by our anjou wedding invitation. elegant and bountiful, these ideas highlight the beauty and the warmth of this wonderfully versatile fruit.

we were over the moon to find so many chic pear-inspired touches, like the unique centerpieces and simple aisle decor created by southern bouquets. the cake is perfect for autumn, with its fresh yellow and tangerine hues, gorgeously designed by upstage cakes in orange county, ca.

consider bringing the motif into the menu with a lovely pear martini, courtesy of bar none drinks. for dessert, have the chef prepare sliced anjou pears with bleu cheese and dark chocolate, like this spread from coffee and vanilla. it will be sweet and unexpected.

for your guests, usher them to their seats with charming place card holders from joyful bride online, then send them home with pear flavored lip balm from gcd spa, or individually wrapped anjou pears from bliss weddings market. whatever you choose, your event is sure to be delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Great "pear" ideas. onderful pear ideas for a wonderful pair......

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