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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i'm over it • lease your jewels, be ever-fabulous

i'm always on the hunt for new ideas, be they wedding-related or just plain fabulous in their own right. so in that spirit, i share with you an idea that fits both categories.

recently i came across a unique jewelry company that does for baubles what bag, borrow or steal did for handbags, and i'm just in love with the concept. i'm over it ingeniously leases special event jewelry, which is an incredibly smart option for brides and their guests alike. i have quite a few weddings to attend this summer, and i've already picked out my jewelry!

i'll save a bundle if i rent versus buy, which is great for someone like me because when it comes to sparkle, what i love today i might be bored with tomorrow. besides my engagement and wedding rings, i lose interest fast...i'm what you might call fickle.

in fact, i'm over it actually mentions this idea in a super-helpful "top ten reasons to lease jewelry" list on their blog:
  • 10.) to make more room in your budget for that new purse and shoes.
  • 9.) so you can stop adding to your jewelry graveyard! ( know you have one.)
  • 8.) to satisfy your constant desire for new jewelry.
  • 7.) because you have commitment issues...with jewelry that is.
  • 6.) you get bored easily....again with jewelry.
  • 5.) to improve the relationship you have with your mother--mother earth that is! reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • 4.) you save SAVE money.
  • 3.) it's fun to get new jewelry in the mail...
  • 2.) ...and even more fun to send it back for something new.
  • 1.) because it just makes sense in this economy!
clevah, huh?


Sarah*Im Over It* said...

Hi Paper Olive!

Thanks for the fabulous mention! We really do appreciate the love!

I'm Over It!

paper olive said...

you are ENTIRELY welcome. i love anything fun, fashionable and brilliant -- and "i'm over it!" definitely fits the bill!

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