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Monday, March 30, 2009

black and white weddings

at paper olive, we love color. but there is nothing more exquisitely chic than a contemporary black and white wedding. if i were to get married all over again, that is probably exactly how i would have it.

the best thing? one simple pop of color — impossibly red roses or lime green trim — turn the volume up effortlesly. it's my new favorite thing, so plan to see a a lot of black and white in my upcoming designs!

design credits — custom linens • bbj linen (photo by walt beazley photography, event design by arin zinke robinson); wedding gown • avíne peruccí by st. pucchi; wedding cake • pink cake box; custom invitations • paper olive.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

destination africa — a safari wedding

"your wedding ceremony takes place beneath ancient african ebony trees in a lovely area overlooking the sand river where crocodile swim by and hippo can often be heard grunting their territorial calls..."

such is a wedding described by into seychelles, a luxury travel service that specializes in arranging spectacular destination weddings within the indian ocean islands of seychelles.

for the adventurous couple who is daring of spirit yet still desires luxury as they explore the indescribable wilds of africa, into seychelles offers a wonder of choice.

wildlife is abundant, and the decor of the singita game reserves — a key partner of into seychelles and a supplier of luxe african honeymoon accommodations — certainly pays homage to the unforgettable african landscape.

so in love are we with the idea of an african safari wedding that we've designed luxury invitations to make the idea even more unique.

our safari invitation suite features all of the natural elements and color palettes one would expect from a seychelles honeymoon and game safari wedding, but with all of the elegant details a bride and groom of distinction would still expect.

it's original, it's unexpected, the entire concept is out of this world. married in africa. what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

olive press • letterpress wedding invitations

paper olive is absolutely over the moon about our latest line of invitation designs — we proudly introduce the olive press collection.

olive press is our twist on the classic art of letterpress, something we have been obsessed with since we first laid eyes on the craft. letterpress invitations are known and loved for their fine quality and unique tactile finish — the ink is literally pressed into the paper to gorgeous effect.

because the old world process of letterpress is what makes it so lush and beautiful, invitations using this printing method are often simple, needing little more than elegant lines and good paper to stand out.

olive press follows this idea and takes it a step further, using clean, crisp designs and uncommon modern color palettes to make the whole effect even more dramatic.

from posh and retro, to classic pink, to exotic peacock feathers, our new line of letterpress wedding invitations and letterpress stationery is both a throwback to a favorite tradition and an update with our own contemporary twists.

it has taken a lot of time and dedication, but we are thrilled to offer this new artform to our clients. we truly hope you'll love letterpress as much as we do!

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