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Saturday, May 16, 2009

signature cocktails • signature colors

i love putting chic idea tapestries together, but for this post, i couldn't decide between sharing my latest color inspirations or one of my favorite wedding elements: the signature cocktail.

so, i figured, why not both? after all, shouldn't your signature drink be a reflection of your motif?

orange and brown are classic combinations. this board features a tequila-spiked chimayo cocktail that not only coordinates, but tastes delicious. apple cider gives it a kick and its unique color.

sandy champagnes, muted golds and a playful seaside / beach theme keep the overall palette from seeming too formal. our starfish beach wedding invitation also blends well with the theme, staying upscale in a relaxed way.

for the daring couple who wants vibrant color, aqua and cherry are exceptionally harmonious. the pop of red against a calm blue background is at once fun, eye-catching, and sophisticated.

the cherry blossom wedding cake by amber in norfolk is stunning — and, it's vegan! it is also the perfect complement to our peony wedding invitation, lined with japanese cherry blossom paper.

the cocktail here is just as bold: a boston pops martini garnished with cherry pop rocks. can you stand it? so cool! like the palette, it's a choice for the totally hip.

orange & brown image credits
invitations – paper olive
• cocktail –
• cake, dress, flowers, tablescape – the knot

aqua & cherry image credits
invitations – paper olive
• cocktail –
• cake – nicole michael
• tablescape, favors, candy bouquet –


Mal said...

LOVE The cherry blossom cake

Melissa610 said...

What a cool idea! I love the notion of having even the drinks coordinate. So creative!

Anonymous said...

I really love the decor of the red and blue, however do you have any more examples

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