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Monday, May 4, 2009

chic wedding cupcakes by superfine bakery

okay, my cupcake obsession just took a giant leap forward.

by now, we've all seen tiers of cute little wedding cupcakes at a wedding or two, or perhaps on some fun inspiration board. but the amazing cupcakes recently created by superfine bakery are more than cute, more than contemporary — they are like little works of art.

delicate, elegant, even upscale — and i can tell you from experience that superfine's baking is superb. these babies boast italian buttercream. not just some sugary vanilla fluff, but painstakingly crafted italian buttercream that sends you to heaven for a few minutes.

and look at them! for extra added opulence, andrea boudewijn, owner and operator of superfine, dusted her fashionable confections with edible gold. they sparkle like little gifts.

you could serve these just as easily at a sophisticated garden wedding or a chic urban soiree. people will stare, and then they will devour.

for the record, andrea is a full-time pastry student and baker for all fine events and decadent personal enjoyment. she currently operates superfine bakery out of studio city, california.

for those not living in the los angeles area, my apologies for the sugar tease. :o)

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Mal said...

those are GORGEOUS! Must get cupcakes next time we have lunch!

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