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Thursday, May 21, 2009

chic & simple wedding extras from for your party

this is one of my favorite tips to give clients in fact, i just gave it out today, sparking the idea for this post.

chic little accents that coordinate with your motif can go a long way towards making your event look uniquely polished without spending a ton of money. for example? personalized cocktail napkins like those from for your party are not only useful, elegant and modern, but affordable.

this photo is actually from my own wedding, and i have to tell you, nearly half of my guests stopped me to mention how clever they found the idea of whimsical tangerine bar napkins coordinated to my "summer citrus" color palette. it was a simple but big hit.

also available from for your party are stylish coasters, match books, stir sticks and a bunch of other fun items. 250 custom napkins cost me around $75 or so. you gotta love it, right?

photo by ben james.

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