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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

location is everything

okay, now this is cool. i literally just discovered the location connection, an incredible venue resource that provides access to unique privately-owned mansions, homes and estates across the country.

initially intended for use by the film industry, the company has opened its doors to couples looking for an unforgettable setting for their dream wedding — something above and beyond the ordinary.

that's exactly the kind of couple we cater to at paper olive, so i immediately had to share this. i honestly had no idea some of these spaces were even available, so it makes the idea of wedding planning even richer in potential. can you imagine some of this imagery as your ceremony backdrop?

from spectacular grand estates with sweeping vistas and sparkling pools, to chic intimate spaces with exotic flavor and eclectic decor, it seems these guys have access to anything and everything.

rental prices are comparable to those charged by 5-star hotels, so if you're looking for a genuinely original venue that sets the tone for a sophisticated, truly personal event, you definitely need to check them out.

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