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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

whimsical chic • a lady bug wedding

i've had several inquiries recently about one of our favorite design motifs — the lady bug. perfect for everything from a tea party invite to a garden wedding, we love this particular design specifically because it doesn't take itself too seriously. it's whimsical, fun, and (we think) lovely.

given all the seriousness in our lives, sometimes it's worth celebrating something light and fanciful, as we do with our lady bug couture wedding invitation. it comes to guests in a cheerful polka dot box lined with black taffeta.

just as cheerful is the "l'amour" lady bug pocket folder invitation, which comes from our contemporary chic collection. sleek and simple, the shimmery red pocket holds all key inserts and information in a really playful way. honestly, they just make us happy.

there's nothing that says something as personal as a wedding can't be designed with sophisication and whimsy. if you believe in the luck of the lady bug, why not consider them as a motif for your event?

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