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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

disney bridal jewelry from

when i got married, i probably bought and returned five different sets of jewelry before i finally found the perfect accessories. seriously, i even bought, returned and then bought again the same pair of drop earrings, unable to decide if i loved them or hated them (i did not tell my husband-to-be any of this, of course).

so, when i stumbled upon the collection of fabulous disney bridal jewelry on, i was struck with that familiar why didn't i know about you guys when i got married? regret. hoping to spare future brides the same regret, i'm sharing some of my favorites.

based on the legendary princesses that belong to the disney family, each piece of jewelry is inspired by its namesake. i particularly love these whimsically elegant belle blossom earrings, as well as these classic giselle drops. and i love that the disney-inspiration is understated, yet still playful.

okay, maybe it's a good idea i got married when i did. i'd only have to choose between these beauties, wouldn't i?

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Bride2B said...

i love weddingish!

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