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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

louboutin love • tahiti in spring

okay, these heels are ridiculous. and by ridiculous, i mean out of control fabulous. i just finished browsing the christian louboutin spring 2010 collection, and these (called tahiti) jumped out at me beyond any other pair.

the soaring high heel, the classic red sole, the super chic white with demure black piping, all paired with a dramatic, whimsically exotic flower make these louboutins equally perfect for a black and white wedding, a little black dress of your favorite pair of jeans.

some people dream of tahiti. i dream of these shoes. :o)


Weddingish said...

Oh, this is fabulous... Louboutins are fabulous... I can't get enough of them, either!

paper olive said...

i know! oh, to own one of every pair this season...

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