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Friday, June 11, 2010

favorite floral trend — king protea

i gravitate towards the unusual, the unexpected and the unique. so naturally, my list of personal favorites tends to include some uncommon choices.

this definitely applies to one of my favorite flowers — the king protea, south africa's national bloom. the juxtaposition of its delicate pink color mixed with its spiky, almost cactus-like leaves makes the king protea a dramatic choice for a bridal bouquet. carry this down the aisle and everyone will be talking.

these are just two of examples of how to soften and highlight this magnificent flower. it pairs with bright and soft palates, blends beautifully with rustic twigs or sophisticated roses.

can you not also imagine it in cascading centerpieces on tables and ledges all throughout an event? spectacular.

photo credits
top photo, christine meintjes. bottom photo, kent meireis.

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