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Friday, April 30, 2010

a bora bora honeymoon from tahiti legends

one of my dearest friends has just gotten engaged, and i am delighting in the opportunity to relive my own experiences through her. my favorite part of advice-giving? the honeymoon.

my dream has always been a tahitian escape, so for all you brides out there with the same dream, i must recommend tahiti legends, an incredible travel website focused on the south pacific. they offer travel, accommodations, and activity packages at varying price levels, so you can choose the luxury combination that best suits you.

intercontinental bora bora le moana

just a few of my loves? the overwater bungalows, like the ones shown here at the intercontinental bora bora le moana resort. the primitive thatched roofs and hot pink bougainvillea against the aqua blue water is just a stunning, a one-of-a-kind view.

and then there are the suites. oooh, my. they're not cheap, but then, you are buying heaven.

bora bora nui
sofitel motu bora bora

my favorite are the rooms at the hilton bora bora nui resort, with its romantic draped bedding and view of the water off the private deck.

a close second, though, are the rooms at the sofitel motu bora bora, with their vibrant colors, fresh flowers, and glass coffee tables that open up on the sea life swimming below.

hey, if you're going to have a honeymoon, have a honeymoon. it's a once in a lifetime splurge, after all.

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