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Sunday, February 7, 2010

fabulous pieces

since this blog is about all things fabulous, i absolutely had to share my latest find with you all: the wonderful, eclectic, i-can't-believe-it-took-me-so-long-to-find-it gem of an vintage-esque store called pieces.

i say vintage-esque because it's really a modern store that features mostly vintage items that have been brought back to life by founder lee kleinhelter (who opened pieces when she saw a gap between the high-end antiques and mass produced items offered in her home of atlanta).

though vintage, everything seems to have a clean, contemporary feel. you really get the best of both worlds — something that has been loved, but then reborn into something fresh and new.

here's how it works. hop on the site, and there's this gauzy, dreamy navigation bar that lets you search by things or by colors. i wanted yellow lamps. i found these. yummy.

one of my favorites is this moss green antique english server. it's sold, but i can still drool over it. i'm redecorating my office, and i think i just found some grey pillows that i can't live without.

what can you find?

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