Thursday, May 6, 2010

silk box invitations — the ultimate luxury

we're seeing quite a few requests these days for all things luxe: dramatic presentations, crystal embellishments, silk boxes. we do adore mixing luxury with our designs — after all, we pride ourselves on being experts in paper couture.

yet while we love luxury invitations, we always strive to keep modern whimsy a part of the mix. nothing transforms a delicate silk box like bold colors, uncommon trimmings and playful design elements.

peacock silk box invitation
poppy silk box invitation
hamptons silk box invitation

above are just a few of our favorite and most popular designs. our lush peacock invitation, floral poppy invitation and beachy hamptons invitation are great examples of classic luxury blending perfectly with fresh, contemporary elements.

for all you couture brides considering silk boxes for your invitations, be sure to also consider a personal touch — a swatch of beloved fabric, an opulent peacock feather, something that makes your invites more than luxurious. make them truly and uniquely you.


Mal said...

these are just gorgeous!!!

paper olive said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love them!! You are the queen of couture invites!! So luxe, so sexy!

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