Sunday, April 18, 2010

welcome baskets from sara's gracious goodies

we love a good welcome basket, and even more, we love a really good story. we found both at sara's gracious goodies — a gift package service located in long island, ny.

first, the baskets. with incredible resources like chocolove, delancey dessert company and crumb's bake shop, sara's baskets are lush, bountiful and absolutely delicious. they are the perfect way to welcome weary travelers and special guests after the long journey to their hotel.

not only are the treats fabulous, you have the option of packing them in clever totes — like these, designed with maps of the five burroughs of new york. utterly adorable.
as for the story? as sara was expecting her first child, she and her husband travelled across the country for a wedding. exhausted and hungry from a long ordeal, they were met by a welcome bag that unfortunately added to the misery of a long days travel {oh, we've been there}.

it was in that moment that sara knew that there could be a better and more fulfilling way to greet a weary and tired loved one. sara got back from her trip, told all of her ideas to her mom and together they created sara’s gracious goodies.

we're so glad they did.

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