Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hooray for hollywood

so, you're getting married, but a church wedding just isn't your style. gardens and beaches aren't grabbing you either. what to do?

well, if you're the kind of bride who simply must find the most original wedding venue possible, then you might want to consider the special events department at paramount studios.

not only has this legendary institution been making movies for almost a hundred years, they are also in the business of making memories for couples everywhere. the experienced event staff offers 5-star service in creating your event, utilizing many of the same resources used by blockbuster productions. it's magic.

i mean, where else can you mingle with hollywood history while sitting beside such an iconic backdrop as the paramount studio gates?

and speaking of iconic, what better way to complement your event than with our hollywood save the date? it's fresh, irreverent, and totally fun. after all, if you're going hollywood, you might as well go all the way.

for more details on paramount studios special events, check out their website. lot wedding photo courtesy of paramount studios.

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Laura Elisabeth Green said...

love the Hollywood theme! :)

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