Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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this past weekend, i had the pleasure of attending a friend's super-chic wedding on catalina island. not only did i have a fabulous time at this gorgeous, uber-relaxing beach locale, i was blown away by the bride and groom's extraordinary vision for their special day.

loaded with personal touches and chic diy creations, this wedding was one of the most inspiring examples of a couple who truly put their heart, soul, and personality into their design.

the wedding featured a sleek black & white color palette accented with blue and lime green. from the bridal party's attire — crisp white shirts with a funky black design for the guys, and flirty black & white floral dresses for the girls — to the spanish-inspired lace gown and black accessories on the bride, i was in heaven watching it all come down the aisle.

handmade place cards in mini-sandboxes directed guests to their tables, while a fabulous memory board with a photo essay of the couple brought smiles to the crowd.

friends and family helped lindsey and dave assemble the leaf-wrapped floral arrangements, which were set atop black & white table runners also handmade by the bride.

possibly my favorite idea from the entire wedding was the custom-made cupcake display, which featured a delicious assortment of mini-cupcakes in place of a traditional wedding cake.

the couple enlisted the help of vanilla bake shop for the chocolate and passion fruit cupcakes, as well as the construction of the coordinating cake stand, made from fabric lindsey used for the table runners. it survived the boat ride from los angeles beautifully!

for those of you daunted by the idea of tackling major elements of design on your own, consider how these personal touches added warmth and an air of storytelling that were not only creative, but dramatically unique. i loved them all.

congratulations dave and lindsey — job well done!


Mal said...

I am soooo sad I missed the wedding - it looks like it was a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

Where was this located on the island? It looks like the country club?

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