Friday, October 10, 2008

"big sugar" is beyond sweet

my best friend is getting married in november, and today we stopped at our favorite california sweet spot, big sugar bakeshop, to get some cupcakes and to place an order for her wedding.

for anyone who hasn't jumped on the gourmet cupcake craze of the last three years, big sugar is probably the best cupcake i have ever tasted, and this includes the famed magnolia bakery in manhattan, at which i once ate six in one day.

the best thing about big sugar is that their cakes are not actually that sugary, unlike other cakes spots in los angeles that treat their cake as an excuse for their toothache-inducing icing.

big sugar cupcakes are light and creamy — like sweet little clouds. you can have half a dozen and not even feel it. red velvet is moist and heavenly, peanut butter and chocolate is addictive, and the simple vanilla cupcake makes me want to get married all over again just for the excuse to eat an entire plate of them.

if you're planning your own wedding and want to add a fresh, modern, casual twist to your dessert table, you might consider a a few tiers of these uncommonly delicate little gems.

mmm, i think i need another half dozen...

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