Monday, November 15, 2010

type style obsessions • penabico

i love pretty things. especially when those pretty things meet paper, color and fabulous accents.

of course, all pretty stationery elements are incomplete without an equally gorgeous type style, which can transcend a smart design into something truly spectacular — and my very favorite new font is penabico.

it's vintage and full of flourish, but also quite whimsical. it would be perfect paired with a modern block font, or filling up an entire card with its luscious lines. it's fonts like this that make me love printed calligraphy.

in love also? you can get this from and make your own pretty things. be sure to share them with me!

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Kimberly | Style Unveiled said...

Oh wow! Yup. That totally just went into my wishlist collection on AMAZING find!

luv, Kimberly
The Style Unveiled Wedding Blog

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