Sunday, August 1, 2010

sleek summer wedding fashion

no matter if you're planning your wedding or happen to be in the wedding industry (like me), sooner or later you're going to have to attend a wedding — and thus start thinking about dresses on a much smaller (and non-white) scale.

naturally, i obsess over my guest attire as much as I do everything else wedding-related, and have found that fashion choices for a late-summer evening wedding can be a little tricky. of course, with help from elie tahari, christian louboutin and kate spade, i'm always in good hands.

my faaaavorite piece is the elie tahari dress. it's light-as-air silk, and with the tulip sleeves, it will be perfect for warm weather that cools down in the evening.

with all the sleek black and splashes of purple, i thought the clutch should be simple. kate spade is queen of simple chic, so her lella clutch was an easy choice. as were these onyx drop earrings from forever 21 — they look like a million bucks but barely cost anything at all. honestly, forever 21 is one of my favorite accessory stores, because it lets me save so i can splurge on critical items like shoes.

oh, and these shoes. purple louboutin suede pumps. don't be afraid of suede in summer. the peep-toe keeps these airy and appropriate. and, um, they're louboutin. need i say more?

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