Thursday, August 5, 2010

personalized custom wedding invitations

one very important detail to know when choosing wedding invitations is that many designers offer to personalize some of the custom designs they have in their galleries. this is good news for brides who may love a design but not its color scheme, or love a color palette but feel it needs an extra custom touch.

consider these two options from our safari chic collection — both are safari-themed destination wedding invitations featuring similar design and font elements, yet each is uniquely styled to the event and personality of each couple.

while the first is rustic and organic, using recycled materials and an earthy color palette, the second option is sleek, slightly more formal — and at the same time more playful and wild. i adore the addition of the guinea fowl feather, which adds a unique natural opulence.

bottom line is, never be afraid to point out the things you love about a stationer's work and ask them to personalize to your tastes. many designers (like me) take pride in making something new out of a design they already love.

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