Monday, August 16, 2010

jacqueline belle fleur photography

is it possible to make a beautiful child even more beautiful just by capturing her in the best light, the perfect moment, and a few precious accessories? in a word, yes.

jacqueline belle fleur photography recently captured these magnificent photos of my niece taylor, and when i saw them, i burst into tears. sure, i'm susceptible to waterworks because my niece is my favorite little lovebug, but still, the whimsy with which these images were shot makes jacqueline my new favorite photographer.

the pink tutu. the floral props. those pearls. jacqueline knows how to photograph children with playful beauty, and seems to coax a joy from them that is remarkable.

what a talent. if you live in the new york metropolitan area and you have a child you'd like to capture as the perfect cherub he/she is, hire jacqueline immediately.


Weddingish said...

Love it! How much more adorable can you get???

Andrea @ Superfine Bakery said...

Awww she looks like you!!!

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