Thursday, April 22, 2010

a rustic southern wedding at fearrington barn

while i love all things modern, i am also a sucker for all things vintage and rustic — and of course, chic. to that end, what could be more rustic and chic than a southern wedding held in an historic north carolina barn?

the folks at fearrington village may just have one of the most appealing, charming regional venues in all the south. in truth, there are several venues at fearrington, but my favorite is definitely the barn.

there's just something exceptional about the image of a couple enclosed in a rough-hewn barn made soft and romantic by silks, fresh flowers, twinkling lights, and an army of guests decked out in all their finery. if you're a bride anywhere near north carolina, you must consider this venue. and of course, send pictures!

photos courtesy of fearrington village, missy mclamb photography and abigail seymour photography.


FirstComesLove.Then said...

This is lovely. I had a rustic vintage wedding theme and it turned out so beautifully!

Susan Graham said...

Oh my goodness, I just love those floral bags with the wood handles. Those doors are super too! Very cool! Great blog!

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