Monday, September 14, 2009

eco-chic wedding favors • living seedlings

boxed chocolates, personalized wine bottles, custom coasters... yes, they all make great wedding favors, but for those couples looking for fresh, eco-friendly, literally green favors, consider these two intrepid companies, both offering plantable seedlings in a variety of options.

the magnolia company (pictured above), which is based in florida and has been featured both in oprah's magazine and martha stewart weddings, offers living oak seedlings in a selection of decorative packages for almost any event, in almost any color palette. they're incredibly unique.

the magnolia company also offers pine, magnolia and other live seedlings wrapped in glorious 100% natural jute.

perfect for a rustic fall wedding, these seedlings not only come with watering tools and instructions, but are all guaranteed to grow because each plant, like the magnolia trees, can be suited towards the recipient's zip code for optimal growth. it's eco-chic and brilliant.

of course, if your heart is set on pine or you're having a winter wedding, you might want to think about plant a memory (pictured on the right), another live seedling company that specializes in blue spruce evergreens. don't you just love the idea of serving them up in champagne glasses, like the elegant natural riches they are?

ranging from $16 to $35 per bunch (20-25 seedlings) depending on the company, this is money that will be spent on something nostalgic, responsible, romantic, and eco-friendly all at once. honestly, how can you go wrong with that combination?

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